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The best men’s coats for autumn 2019

British autumn is a notoriously difficult season to dress for. With the changeable weather you’ll need outerwear designed to keep you warm and dry on those crisp mornings but not be too stifling that you’re overheating when the midday sun comes out.

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Luckily autumn is a season that also lends itself well to layering and texturing. So much so that an article in Bustle suggests that ‘fall’ could be the most stylish season. But if you’re on the lookout for the best autumn jackets for 2019 here are some styles to consider.

The bomber

The bomber jacket has a long and rich history. Originating from the European Air Forces in the 1950s and 60s, the bomber is a stylish and practical jacket for the days when it’s not too chilly but you still need a little outer protection. The trademark ribbed collar and cuffs along with the sleek fit makes for a jacket that is flattering and versatile.

The trucker jacket

A trucker jacket is an incredibly easy to wear jacket that complements a range of outfits. Often crafted from suede, it is a jacket that offers texture and warmth but still isn’t too overbearing. Ideal alongside a chunky knit or Farah shirts, tan is a great colour for the humble trucker jacket.

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The double breasted peacoat

When autumn begins to move closer to winter you’ll want something a little more heavy-duty. The nature of the peacoat is that it is crafted from insulating, water-repelling wool which makes it an ideal choice for those miserable days. Its buttons and double-breasted fit make for a smart and stylish look – an ideal coat for trips in and out of the office.

Leather biker jacket

There’s something dangerous and edgy about a man in leather and autumn is the best time of year to don your biker jacket. Comfortable yet durable, the biker jacket works as well over Farah shirts as it does over a simple sweater.

The tracksuit jackets

No longer reserved for jogging or the gym, the tracksuit jacket has steadily made its way into the realms of high fashion over the last few years. Often crafted from breathable fibres, it’s a good choice to throw on on a warm autumn day that has potential to get gloomy.