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Christmas gift ideas for every family member

If every year you have the same exact question, “What gifts should I get my family members?”, then we’re here for you. Shopping can be difficult, but not impossible, so here are a few Christmas gift ideas for you:


Shopping for fathers is probably the most difficult part of looking for Christmas gifts, because you never know what to get a man that has everything and always says that they don’t want any present. Get him a new, waterproof wallet that has an anti-lost alarm and a GPS tracker, this way his things will always be safe.  And if he likes first-rate things and is always complaining about the quality of the things that can be found in the mass market stores, purchase him a traditional Aran sweater that is made of wool and will protect him this winter.


Don’t get your mom things like kitchen supplies if she hasn’t specifically asked for them, as this is not something that she would like to see under the Christmas tree, especially after she’s looked for months for your perfect gifts. For a loving mother, the best present would be something that can be enjoyed by the whole family, such as a game with intriguing questions that everyone has to answer in order to have a better understanding of each other. But don’t forget that just like any other human being she also likes some personal time, and in this case a gift certificate to a spa or a new fashion salon will be more than welcomed.


As for your sister, don’t fall into the marketing trap of buying her makeup products or fragrances if you know nothing about her preferences, since they can be pretty expensive and can end up in a dark corner of a drawer. Instead, think about what she likes. If she’s a person who likes to stay home and watch Netflix, a weighted blanket would be a wonderful gift idea. But if she is outgoing and likes to travel a lot, think about getting her something practical, such as an universal travel adapter for every type of outlet that you can find in a foreign country or a portable charger that can provide up to 6 phone chargers, which is extremely important for a traveler.


It can be very hard to buy him something for your brother that he will enjoy and actually use, especially if you’re not sure about his interests and hobbies. However, there are a few creative ideas that you can come up with. First of all, if he likes movies, especially the classic ones made by famous directors like Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, and Stanley Kubrick, get him a Scratch off bucket list movie poster so that he will discover new films that he can enjoy either alone or with his friends and family. If he’s an extrovert with lots of friends, a board game, particularly a highly competitive one, can also be a good idea for a gift that he will enjoy.

Bonus: don’t forget about your four-legged friends! Get a matching sweater with your dog so that everyone can see how adorable the two of you look when going for walks. As for your cat, we all know how independent and spoiled they can be, so your feline is sure to enjoy a new cat tree or a cave bed.